OSEntreprendre 2017 PROJECTS


**UPDATE**: Our local winner, Sandrine Carle-Landry’s project, Refus global now, took home the 1st place prize at the regional level of the OSEntreprendre Challenge!!!



Out of all of the impressive and innovative student projects submitted this year, Sandrine Carle-Landry’s entrepreneurial project Refus global now was selected to move on to the regional competition of the OSEntrependre Challenge. Sandrine won 250$ in cash for her achievement at the local level. At the regional level of the contest, competing against all Cégeps on the Island of Montreal, Refus global now stood out once again earning her the 1st place prize!

In a nutshell, Refus global now is an independent media and a pro-inter-sectional production box. Through the use of social media, the goal of Refus global now is to create media content that promotes the convergence of various social struggles and highlights causes usually ignored by traditional media. One of her videos, Parlons poils: LA PILOSITÉ FÉMININE was viewed over 345,000 times in a very short period of time.

 Let’s all wish Sandrine the best as she continues on to the finals!!!

Sandrine Carle-Landry, Joshua Miglialo

In addition to selecting a local winner for this year’s challenge, our panel of judges gave an honorable mention to Joshua Miglialo for his project BreakBuddy, a free phone application that provides “All your friends’​ breaks. All in one place.”​ Joshua was awarded 125$ for his outstanding entry. Read more about Joshua and his app BreakBuddy in the Gazette.



Looking to be inspired for next year’s challenge? Check out this year’s OSEntreprendre Entrepreneurship Contest entries submitted by your fellow Dawson students.

  1. Project Pharaoh’s Eye is an all-aged multiplayer game that aims to bring people together with it’s rich, and colourful play. Too often games focus on individual skill, and result in players feeling isolated, alone, and bitter: Project Pharaoh’s Eye is built to bring back family-friendly play, where face-to-face gaming helps build friendships, relationships, and lasting joy.
  2. Tyty Cosmetics consiste a lancer une marque de produits cosmetiques canadien. Tyty Cosmetics sera une marque de grande envergure a laquelle les jeunes de 18 a 25 ans s’associeront et s’identifieront. Je commencerai par lancer des lipsticks et des ombres a paupieres en les vendant en ligne. Ce sera un site de vente de ligne pour commencer et une fois sur pied, je lancerai une chaine de magasins.
  3. Dawson Game Jam is an event type entrepreneurial project centered on collaborative work and cross pollination between students of different backgrounds. Game Jams are competitive events where participants meet at one location to create video games from scratch in a limited time frame. DGJ is not just a Jam, it’s intense learning and bonding over each other’s knowledge, condensed in 24 hours, spread through 3 days.
  4. BreakBuddy is a FREE phone application that provides “All your friends’​ breaks. All in one place.”​ Knowing this information, students will finally be able to coordinate their time efficiently and easily set up times to study, collaborate on school projects, and/or simply hangout.
  5. Haus Von Leo is a luxury brand of suit accessories for modern men between the age of 25 to 45 years old. Specialized in custom handmade tie in quality silk, we offer a back to basic product with an old school feel but with a touch of high technology. At Haus Von Leo we think a man refinement is in the perfection of subtle details. Making him stand out of the crowd is our mission, so he shall lead confidently like the lion.
  6. The Flexi-Compass is the ideal low-cost solution to replace all your technical drawing templates. It is an all-in-one tool to draw any one of these shapes thus avoiding the need to by several different templates of different sizes for different shapes.This project is a flexible compass for drawing ellipses, triangles, polygons, squares and rectangles for designers or those people who does drawing by hand.Both students and professional who do hand drawn technical drawings will benefit from the use.
  7. Refus global now est un média indépendant et une boîte de production pro-intersectionnels. Le but est de créer du contenu médiatique sur les réseaux sociaux afin de promouvoir la convergence des luttes et de mettre à l’avant les causes habituellement ignorées par les médias traditionnels. Nous luttons pour la démocratisation des pouvoirs, la protection de l’environnement et l’égalité pour toutes et tous. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 19th edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge! Stay tuned to see if our local winner can also take home the final prize!

Last Modified: February 27, 2018