Program Overview 

By the time CRLT students graduate, they will have accumulated over 580 hours of practical work experience in the field. This experience is crucial for breaking the cycle of no work without experience but no experience without work. The CRLT students have the opportunity to select where they do their three fieldwork placements, which allows them to explore various aspects of the field of recreation.


YEAR 1 TERM II Fieldwork I – 45 hours

The placement should focus on a “hands on” opportunity for students to practice animation skills with a stable clientele. The agency should introduce the student to the philosophy and structure of the agency in order to give the student an understanding of the role of the agency and of the professional in the field of recreation.

Suggested Previous Course Skills for Fieldwork Application:

  • Lesson planning
  • Leading a class activity
  • Oral presentations
  • Written communications

First Year Student Manual

YEAR 2 TERM IV Fieldwork II – 90 hours

This placement we feel is a ‘stepping stone’ to the student’s final major fieldwork placement. The expectation is that the student will have a challenging placement and enough variety in tasks and responsibilities to be able to identify his/her strengths as well as their shortcomings. This self-assessment will prepare the student’s objectives for deepening their skill levels and/or improving their shortcomings.

Suggested involvements for fieldwork application:

  • Program planning
  • Promotion and publicity skills
  • Leadership of games
  • Folk dance
  • Songs
  • Written and oral communication

Expected involvements for fieldwork application:

  • Introduction to the facilities
  • Staff
  • Safety procedures of the agency
  • Introduction to budget, e.g. program budgets, budgeting forms and process
  • Attendance of staff meeting(s)
  • Introduction to administration systems (organizational structures)

Second Year Student Manual
Second Year Supervisor Manual

YEAR 3 TERM VI Fieldwork III- 450 hours

The fieldwork experience is a major part of the graduating student’s year in CRLT. One of the most difficult and important adjustments for the graduating student to make is the application of the academic knowledge to the practical experiences faced in the actual “work world” of recreation leadership. The prime focus of the field work experience for the student is learning by doing.

The student acquires experience in recreation leadership, supervision, program planning, and evaluation, by working in an agency under trained agency personnel.

Third Year Manual


  1. CRLT Department approval must be given before a student can officially start his/her fieldwork.
  2. A job description should be completed before the student begins his/her actual fieldwork placement.
  3. Each student must have a designated faculty supervisor and a fieldwork supervisor.
    * The fieldwork supervisor cannot be another fieldwork/stage student.
  4. Each student is required to meet with his/her faculty and fieldwork supervisors once a week.
  5. As a general rule, the student must spread his/her hours throughout the semester.
  6. Each student is required to give at least two weeks notice before his/her hours finish.

Last Modified: April 29, 2014