Outdoor and Environmental Education


CRLT Environmental Policy

The CRLT Program believes that the protection of the environment and modeling of sustainable practices is an essential component of education. Integrating these sound environmental practices within courses and program operations will lead to the development of a responsible environmental ethic in both faculty and students. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a healthy and diverse natural environment.

The CRLT Program strives to:

  • Purchase products that are the least harmful to the environment
  • Recycle, reuse or reduce classroom materials as much as possible
  • Practice the use of cross-curricular environmental topics and projects
  • Promote outdoor education and class field trips
  • Make efforts to discuss and review current environmental issues
  • Provide the appropriate environmental learning resources to students
  • Consider the environmental impact of program activities, decisions and operations
  • Work with agencies that support environmentally sound practices and model environmental leadership

Fall Outdoor Education

CRLT is well known for organizing one of Canada’s largest student-driven outdoor education programs at the college level. This unique collection of courses has second year students in Organization and Management of Recreation Programs course planning the entire camp experience during the winter semester and then implementing the 5 day program for approximately 100 people during the following fall semester’s Project Management course. At this point, they are entering their third year in the program. The outdoor workshops and activities are purposely designed for incoming first year students taking the Environmental Issues in Outdoor Education course and second year students taking the Environmental Leadership Experience course.

Environmental Issues in Outdoor Education

This course is a hands-on approach to outdoor activities that stresses the importance of first hand experience in Nature and skill development in common outdoor pursuits. The environmental impact of activities is reviewed and discussed throughout the 5-day experience. Workshops include camping, canoeing, orienteering, Nature study and creativity in the outdoors.

Environmental Leadership Experience

Students in second-year of the CRLT program participate in the intensive Environmental Leadership Experience course. The goal of this course is to instill in students the importance of recreation leadership in relation to the natural environment and to be aware of the links between their local actions and larger environmental issues. Students organize and lead an outdoor environmental activity that models the values and techniques covered in the outdoor classroom.


Winter Outdoor Education

Students spend 5-days at an outdoor center learning about the winter season and all it has to offer. Topics covered in this intensive course include:

  • Winter ecology
  • Animal tracking
  • Reading the woods – interpreting animal signs
  • Interpreting the winter environment
  • Snow-shelter construction
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Winter games
  • Cooperative games
  • Winter Activities
  • Snowshoeing
  • Winter safety & first aid


Action Research Project

In the fourth term, CRLT students have the opportunity to implement an environmental service project for the community. Project examples include battery recycling, paper recycling, light bulb exchange program, Defi Climat, Dawson Atrium Garden and more!



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