Nelly Muresan
Office: 4D.13-B
Local: 4720

Languages (500.F3)

“Those who know no foreign language know nothing of their mother tongue.” –Johann Goethe (1749-1832)

Our Languages Program is unique in Quebec, offering as many as six languages:
Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Hebrew, and Chinese.

The overall aim of the Languages profile is to prepare students for university studies in translation, languages, linguistics, education, interpretation, communications, journalism, international relations, hotel management, public relations, tourism, and international professions.

The profile provides students with the opportunity to learn two or three languages, depending on their entry level. In the first term, students study two languages and are expected to continue studying at least one of these languages to the fourth level. There are fourteen Specific Education courses in this profile, at least eight of which are language courses.

Students may choose from Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Hebrew, and Chinese (Mandarin).

This is a two year pre-university program which prepares students for university studies in Languages, Translation, Literature, Interpretation, Tourism, Journalism, Media (Communication Studies), Education, and other related fields, such as Public Relations, Hotel Management, International Relations, and many more.

Students will have the opportunity to specialize in two or three languages of the six that are offered.

Students may choose from either option #1 or #2:

  1. Two languages to level IV (Spanish, Italian or German)
  2. One language to level IV (Spanish, Italian or German) and two consecutive courses in any of the other languages.
Important* Greek, Hebrew & Chinese are only offered in levels 1 & 2. German 3 is never offered in Winter. German 4, Hebrew 2 & Greek 2 are never offered in Fall. Spanish 5 is only offered in Winter.

Please refer to the “Course List” page for more details.

More information on the Languages profile can be found on the new Arts, Literature and Communication profile page.

Last Modified: January 5, 2016