2015 Dig-in

Mission 2015 dig-in accomplished!

Dawson Gardens hosted our second annual dig-in on Earth Day to open the edible rooftop gardens, clean up for spring, and plant around campus.  Over 200 Dawson students and several staff and faculty worked over four days to prep, plant, and take care of our new raised bed gardens and containers.  Students from Champlain College in Vermont visited, learned about urban agriculture, and lent a hand on Thursday, April 23, 2015.  Finally, we planted lettuce, lavender, herbs and other organic seedlings with the Dawson daycare this year; we will continue to plant with the children this summer.   Thanks to our partnership with Urban Seedling, four new raised beds were installed in the theatre garden and we planted over 1,000 organic seeds and seedlings over four days.  These included our spring lettuces, spinach, bok choy and other cold variety plants as well as lavender, marigolds, and other spring flowers.

Altogether, this year’s spring dig-in was  a tremendous success.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to many of you in the community who have, in various ways, supported us over the past year and continue to support us.  Thank you!

Last Modified: March 11, 2017