General FAQ


Welcome Week

Are there any Welcome/Orientation activities for new students?

Before classes start, there are Welcome Week where new Dawson students get a first look at the tools and resources offered by the college.

What is the date, time and place of Welcome Week?

Date depends which program you have been accepted in. We will be greeting you in the Lower Atrium of the College, so be sure to enter via the Atwater Metro entrance. Please refer to our website for the specific date and time of your Welcome Day.

I can’t make it to my scheduled Welcome Week appointment, will there be another session?

First, look on our Welcome Week dates & times list on our website to see if there is another “Group” that you can join (same program). If not, then don’t worry. You can either come in on another day during the Welcome Week (refer to our schedule of dates & times posted on-line). You will still be able to pick up your ID card, locker info, etc.

If my friend is in the same program as I am but they have been assigned a different time to attend Welcome Day, may I switch to go with my friend?

We try to evenly spread out the groups so that it is not overcrowded but if you really want to join your friend(s) in another group (but same program), you may do so.

My friends have all received their Welcome Week letters, why didn’t I receive my letter yet?

There are numerous reasons why you haven’t received your Welcome Week letter and here are some of the reasons: Your mailing address is incorrect. Your letter was lost in the mail. Whatever the reason may be, please check the website for the Welcome Week schedule and attend the session that applies to you.

Student ID card

Why do I need a student ID card?

It is mandatory for all Dawson students to carry a valid Dawson ID card. Your student I.D. card will allow you to borrow books at the library and use the photocopying machines. Students must present valid Dawson ID cards in order to be admitted to final examinations.

When and where can I get my student ID?

During the semester, you can have your student I.D. card made Monday to Friday between 8:30-11:30, 13:00-15:00, and 17:00-18:45 at the print shop, room 2E.01. Schedule is subject to change.

What do I need to bring with me?

Your student ID number, class schedule, and a piece of I.D.

How much does it cost?

The first card is free, but there is a $10.00 (cash only) replacement fee if another card has to be issued.


How/When do I find out what textbooks I need to buy?

The books you need to buy for your classes will be listed on the course outlines provided by your teachers during the first week of classes.

To find out if the books you need are available at the bookstore, login to your My Dawson portal and click on Bookstore Course List under the My College Services tab.

Where can I buy textbooks?

You can buy your books at the Bookstore located in the Lower Atrium, 1F.2.

You can also look for used books on the Dawson Used Book Exchange or Sale Facebook page.


Can I rent a locker?

If you are a day time student, it is possible for you to rent a locker once you have finalized your schedule. Unfortunately, lockers are not available to Continuing Education students.

How do I get a locker?

You can rent a locker online through the My Dawson portal under My Omnivox Services. There are single, double, and portfolio lockers.

How much does it cost to rent a locker?

The cost to rent a locker is $10.00 and is payable online by Visa or MasterCard credit cards only. Please note that in order to access the locker selection module, you must have already finalized your schedule.

Why can't I get a locker with a friend?

  • Portfolio lockers → Although technically shared between two people, they are actually single lockers and single locker option must be selected
  • Your friend is in Continuing Education. Cont. Ed. Students aren’t assigned lockers.

Where can I find out where my locker is located?

On the locker rental page of the Campus Life and Leadership page, there is a locker locator. There is also a locker map located next to the CLL office, in front of the bathroom.

I forgot my locker combination. How can I retrieve it?

Your locker number and combination are available on your My Dawson portal. If you are still having a problem, you can go to room 2E.6 with your Dawson student ID card to retrieve it.

How long do I have my locker for?

Locker rentals are good for the entire academic year, September to May. Lockers are not available to students during the summer.

Opus card

Computer services

Where can I access a computer?

There are computers available to students in library and in the 2F.26 computer lab. There are also other computer labs located in the 2F and 5B wing, but they are only available when they aren’t being used by a class. You can check lab availability on the schedule usually posted right outside of the computer lab or at the Service Desk in 2H.12.
You can also sign out laptops for in-library use only.

Where can I print or photocopy?

Printers are located in the library and in the computer labs located in the 2F and the 5B wing. Photocopiers are located in the 2C wing and the print shop in 2E.01. Some labs support Wi-Fi printing allowing you to print directly from your wireless devices.

How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

There are two Wi-Fi networks available, Dawson_open for a quick, temporary connection to surf the Web, and Dawson_secure for an encrypted communication. In order to connect, you need to log on with your network account user name and password. You can create your network account through your My Dawson portal under My Dawson Life on the left hand side.

Where can I get computer support?

You can find answers to most questions on the Information Systems and Technology articles page. You can also go to the computer Service Desk in 2H.12.

Where can I add money to my Student ID card and my Printing Account?

You can add money to your student ID card for photocopying at the refill station located in the 2C wing. To add money to your printing account, you can find refill stations in the library and in the 2H wing near the computer Service Desk.


Where can I find a tutor?

You can find peer tutors and other academic help in the Academic Skill Centre located in the library, room 6D.2. For help with French, you should go to CLEO in room 4E.10. There are also Math, Physics, and Chemistry tutorial rooms available to students. See individual program pages for tutorial room locations and schedule.

How can I find my teacher’s contact information?

You can find your teachers local and office number online using the People Search option on the Dawson site. There is also a binder with a full faculty list located at the information desk, 2F.0.

How do I find out if my class has been cancelled?

Class cancellations appear on the flat screen monitors located around the College. You can also find class cancellations on the MyDawson portal and on the Dawson site.

Students with special needs

Who can register with the AccessAbility Centre?

Any student with a registered disability or temporary disability with the proper documentation can benefit from the services offered by the AccesAbility Centre. If you have not been diagnosed with a disability but feel that you might have a disability that is affecting your academic success, the AccessAbility Centre can help guide you through the process of getting an assessment.

What kind of accommodations are offered to students with registered disabilities?

The AccessAbility Centre offers preregistration and course selection assistance, note takers, attendant service, specialized computer labs, and adaptive technology to help students with registered or temporary disabilities. Students will have to meet with an AccessAbility counsellor in order to determine the accommodations needed for their classes.

Where/how do I apply for academic accommodations?

You can apply for academic accommodations at the student AccessAbility Centre. To book an appointment, you can call 514-931-8731 ext.1195, email, or go to the office in 2E.8A.

What documentation is required?

You will need to submit your assessment or medical document explaining your condition. Documentation must be from a licensed practitioner (e.g. doctor, psychologist).

Individualized Education Program, IEP, is not required but is a good supporting document to bring to your appointment.

I have a physical disability. How can I get around the college?

The college is equipped with elevators and ramps around the college and at the de Maisonneuve entrance. During pre-registration, staff at the AccessAbility Centre can help you select and verify that classes are easily accessible. For more information, please visit the AccessAbility Centre in 2E.8.

Student involvement

How/where can I get involved on campus?

  • The Campus Life and Leadership department
  • Sustainable Dawson
  • Blue Ring Society

Where can I find out about events taking place on campus?

Events are regularly posted on the Dawson site, the main page of the portal, as well as the Daily Bulletin located on the portal and the information desk. Around the college there are various bulletin boards and flat screen monitors promoting various events throughout the semester.

Are there recreational fitness activities?

Yes. There are group classes, rock climbing, and specialized classes offered throughout the semester. The Campus recreation schedule can be found on the Recreation web page and at the P.A.R.C. desk.

Last Modified: July 2, 2020