External Social Services and Other Resources

Need some support outside of Dawson College office hours? Looking for external resources to meet your needs once you’re no longer a student? Consult a list of organizations below!

This list is a work in progress. If you don’t see a resource that you think should be here, or want to correct the information below, contact us at firstyear@dawsoncollege.qc.ca


Info-Social 811: Call 811 to speak to a psychosocial worker who can answer your questions and orient you to the appropriate resource. Here are examples of reasons people call 811 according to the Quebec government website.:  

      • You are in a situation that is making you feel anxious. 
      • You are worried about a family member or friend. 
      • You are experiencing family or relationship problems. 
      • You are going through a bereavement. 
      • You have questions about other worrisome situations or behaviours.” 

Find your local CLSC using the following search engine: https://sante.gouv.qc.ca/en/repertoire-ressources/clsc/. Your local CLSC may provide a variety of social services, including: help with substance use, parenting support, a follow-up related to grief, job loss, relationships issues, conjugal violence, and many other personal challenges. 

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Quoloc: Find apartments, rooms, or roommates in Montreal. 

Facebook Marketplace/Kijiji: Find apartment listings from current tenants looking for roommates or trying to transfer their lease at the existing lease rate.  

Face à Face: Housing search support for individuals without internet access; listening line and referrals to housing resources; secure mail reception service for individuals without a fixed address. 

ROMEL: Receive information and support related to housing searches, particularly for new immigrants and low-income individuals. 

FHCQ-FECHIMM: Learn more about co-operative housing (functioning, how to apply), and consult a list of co-operative housing by borough, apartment size, and mobility requirements. Considerable wait times are to be expected. 

SOS Violence-Conjugale: If you are at risk of conjugal or family violence, a worker can help you locate an available shelter on the day of your call. 

      • 1 800 363-9010 

211: If you find yourself at risk of homelessness in the Greater Montreal region for any reason, you can call 211 to find an available shelter (or call 311 if you find yourself without a home by your July 1st moving date). 


Food banks and community kitchens outside of Dawson College: Enter your postal code in this search engine or call 211 to find the nearest food bank or community kitchen to your address:  

*It is always a good idea to reach out to the organization first to learn more about their schedule and changing protocols during the COVID pandemic before making your way to the storefront location! 

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ACEF (Association Coopérative d’Économie Familiale): An organization that provides individual support and workshops related to budgeting, financial education, solutions for debt management, financial rights defense and advocacy. Your nearest ACEF can be found by entering your address into the 211 search engine: 

Government of Canada webpage on budgeting for student life (includes checklist of expenses to consider, sources of income, and tax credits and deductions for students):  

Other online guides related to budgeting, saving on spending costs, and much more:  

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Agence Ometz: Job searching support, skills training and workshops, support with starting and growing new businesses. 

Regroupement Économique et Social du Sud-Ouest (RESO): Support with CV-writing, job searching support, networking, interviewing, learning about the labour market. 

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Centre Social d’Aide aux Immigrants (CSAI): Support with immigration forms, citizenship applications, certifying documents, assistance with French and English, tax clinics, computer classes, cultural activities, daycare services and more. The Centre is open to international students, temporary workers, government-assisted refugees or those who have received permanent residence less than 5 years ago. 5$ fees are applicable for certain services (e.g. certifications).  

      • Services available in the following languages: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Fula, Kinkongo, Kinyarwanda, Kurdish, Lingala, Mandarin, Mina, Persian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish 
      • 514 932-2953 
      • https://centrecsai.org/

PROMIS: For immigrants and refugees who have been living in Quebec for less than 5 years. Support with French courses, academic support, employment assistance, access to food assistance, workshops and personalized support for families. 

        • Services available in the following languages: Arabic, Creole, Croatian, Bosnian, Farsi, German, Spanish, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Serbian.  
        • (514) 345-1615 
        • https://promis.qc.ca/en/contact-2/ 

ROMEL: Receive information and support related to housing searches.

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Cegep Édouard Montpetit – Dental Hygiene Clinic and Denturology Clinic 

Collège de Maisonneuve (Clinique-École en Hygiène Dentaire) 

John Abbott College – Dental Hygiene Clinic  

McGill University – Emergency Clinic 

McGill University – Undergraduate Teaching Clinic 

Montreal Children’s Hospital Dental Clinic 

Montreal General Hospital Dental Clinic 

Université de Montréal – Clinique Dentaire 

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*Please note that different acronyms are used below to reflect the terminology used by the corresponding organization

Action Santé Travesti(e)s et transsexuel(le)s du Québec (ASTT(e)Q): Weekly non-judgmental peer support groups for trans individuals; community dinners; and advocacy services. Meetings take place in a wheelchair accessible space conveniently located downtown.

      • Languages spoken: French, English and Spanish. LSQ/ASL interpretation can also be requested.
      • (514) 543-6343 
      • info@jeunesselambda.com 

Jeunesse Lambda: Social, discussion, education and skill-building events and activities for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth (between the ages of 14-30). Certain materials are also made available through the organization (including transportation fare, contraceptives and other risk-reducation materials, snacks, a microwave oven). 

P10: Weekly bilingual drop-in groups for 2LGBTQ+ youth (between the ages of 14-25), afternoon hangout space, individual active listening sessions, accompaniment for appointments, lists of trans-friendly doctors and therapists, gender-affirming gear, mentorship programs. 

The West Island LGBTQ2+ Centre: Drop-in groups, support groups and socials for LGBTQ2+ folks of all ages or those who are questioning (check their website for various groups and times).  

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Allo Vicky: Supportive listening sessions by a team trained in harm reduction and decolonial approaches. Allo Vicky offers support in French, English, Haitian Creole and Wolof. They describe their target population as follows: “Black and Indigenous people, especially those those rejected by or distanced from their families, those who have been raised by white people, and those living in isolation for whatever reason. We also support racialized people experiencing different forms of systemic oppression.” Follow this link to schedule an appointment; expect a response with a suggested date and time within 1 to 3 days:

DESTA Black Youth Network: An organization that provides support services to Black youth aged 18-35. Major areas of support include: work (career guidance, skills workshops, CV prep, job and internship placement, entrepreneur coaching, access to mentors and business networks, help with start-up and operational expenses, tutoring for secondary and post-secondary courses), food security (including community food delivery to families in the Montreal South-West), and social justice.

Hope for Wellness Helpline: A 24/7 helpline available to all Indigenous people across Canada, in English and French. The counsellors who operate the line are culturally-competent, and can provide services in Cree, Ojibway (Anishinaabemowin), and Inuktitut upon request at specific times. A chat option is also available on their website.

The Lavender Collective: A collective aiming to “simplify the coming together of [mental health] practitioners and clients by offering this tool as a bridge of understanding – specific to the racialized experience.” Consult their directory of BIPOC Mental Health Professionals below. Each professional is in charge of setting their own rate. 

Native Montreal: A hub for Indigenous people in the Montreal area; including cultural activities, suppers and community gatherings, educational support, groups and activities for youth, day camps, and more.

The Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal: A safe environment providing support to First Nations, Inuit and Métis women and children. They also provide one-on-one counselling, accompaniment to access appropriate services, food, clothing, help with obtaining financial aid and low-cost housing, and more. Consult all of their programs below:

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CLSC’s (Enfance-Famille-Jeunesse programs): Prenatal classes, post-natal check-ups, workshops for parents, screening of children 0-5 years with suspected developmental delays, and other social and psychoeducational support for parents and their children. If your household is low income during your pregnancy, inquire into your eligibility to obtain staple foods (eggs, milk, frozen vegetables) and vitamin supplements through the CLSC’s OLO program. 

Head&Hands: Young Parents Program (YPP) for youth under the age of 25 which facilitates connections between young parents or those who are about to become parents. The program includes afternoon meet-ups, workshops, and excursions (while childcare arrangements are made for your children). Afternoon meetings include a hot lunch! Material supplies (related to childcare) are also provided  

Kangaroo House: Centre for parents with dependent children (aged 12 or younger) experiencing difficult situations (e.g. exhaustion, mental health concerns, domestic violence, etc.). The Kangaroo House can provide funds to families experiencing emergency issues. They also provide phone listening and referrals 24/7. 

Les Relevailles de Montréal: Support services for parents of children up to 2 years old, including: respite services for new parents (e.g. childcare, light chores), prenatal information sessions, prenatal yoga, meet-ups, First Aid training, and other workshops (e.g. communicating with infants using sign language). Sliding scale fees are applicable from 0-60$ per 3 hour blocks of respite. An annual membership fee of 20$ is also applicable for all other activities.

Ligne Parents: 24/7 resource helpline for parents seeking information or support related to a parenting situation. Articles concerning different topics related to children and parenting are also available on their website. 

Unis Pour les Petits: Support services for Montreal Island parents of infants up to 1 year old, including: at-home respite and childcare support from volunteers, workshops, and coffee meet-ups.

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Crisis Centres provide assistance to anyone aged 18+ experiencing distress, or to loved ones worried about someone who is showing signs of distress. Mobile interventions or short-term crisis counselling can be made available when appropriate. Short-term shelter services are also available at certain centres.

*Keep in mind that you may not be able to access emergency shelter on the same day of your call depending on availability; refer to the section on Housing Searches and Emergency Shelter for emergency options. 

Central-East (Le Transit) Crisis Centre (Downtown Montreal and surrounding/eastern boroughs) 

      • 514-282-7753 
      • https://cictransit.com/en/
      • Be aware that you may be re-directed towards the crisis centre nearest to your address; you can ask the respondent to verify this information at the beginning of your call 

Central-Ouest (TRACOM) Crisis Centre (Notre-Dame-de-Grace and surrounding/western boroughs) 

      • 514-483-3033 
      • https://www.tracom.ca/
      • Be aware that you may be re-directed towards the crisis centre nearest to your address; you can ask the respondent to verify this information at the beginning of your call 

Central-South (L’Autre Maison) Crisis Centre (Southern Montreal boroughs) 

      • 514-768-7225 
      • https://www.centredecrise.ca/lautre-maison
      • Be aware that you may be re-directed towards the crisis centre nearest to your address; you can ask the respondent to verify this information at the beginning of your call 

Northern Crisis Centre (Association Iris) (Northern Montreal boroughs) 

      • 514-388-9233
      • https://www.associationiris.ca/
      • Be aware that you may be re-directed towards the crisis centre nearest to your address; you can ask the respondent to verify this information at the beginning of your call 

West Island Crisis Centre (West Island boroughs) 

      • 514-684-6160 
      • https://www.centredecriseoi.com/en/index.html
      • Be aware that you may be re-directed towards the crisis centre nearest to your address; you can ask the respondent to verify this information at the beginning of your call 

Crisis Centres not on the Montreal Island: 

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Visit our Counselling department’s web page for a comprehensive list of helplines, services, apps, websites, and more. 

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Visit our Health Services’ department’s different web pages for a list of resources related to STI testing, birth control prescription and what to do if you missed a dose, and emergency contraception.

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Visit our Sexual Violence Response Team’s web page for a list of external resources (legal, psycho-social, and more). 

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Visit our Health Services’ department’s web page for a list of clinics and hospitals.

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Last Modified: March 28, 2023