Health Insurance for this group is covered by SSQ Financial Group, while Dental Insurance is covered by Beneva. Plan-specific information for health insurance is located on the Member Access Page of SSQ’s website and on the Client Center of Beneva’s website. Plan members can follow the prompts to sign in and view their group insurance plan information.

Below is some specific information concerning the current health and dental insurance plans available to management employees:

Policy and Contract Numbers – Management

Employer Number: 9999
Group Number – Health Insurance (SSQ): Y3930
Group Number – Dental Insurance (Beneva): 2054A

Information Brochures



Frequently Asked Questions

All permanent Management employees are eligible for benefits coverage.

Participation in the basic health and dental insurance plan is mandatory for all eligible managers. However, a manager may, by giving prior written notice to the College, request to be exempted from participation to basic health and dental insurance plan, provided that he or she can submit proof of similar coverage under a different group insurance plan.

Based on the College’s current agreement with our insurance providers, additional life insurance is optional for management employees. All other coverage, including basic health insurance, basic life insurance, dental care, and long-term disability, is compulsory.

Management employees who continue to pay their insurance premiums will experience no interruption in coverage as a result of an approved leave.

Management questions about leaves of absences, sabbaticals, and other time away from work should contact the Human Resources Administration Technician (non-teaching employees), local 1380.

Management employees with questions about sick leave, maternity, paternity, and other related leaves should contact the Benefits office, local 1373.

Retiring Management employees’ health insurance questions can be answered by the retirement specialists at SSQ: 514 223 2501 and Beneva: 1 800-463-4856 ext: 2022.

Questions about pensions and other related retirement policies for all cégep employees should be directed to Retraite Québec (former CARRA La Commission Administrative des Regimes de Retraites et d’Assurances) at 1 800 463 5533 or their website:

Further Questions

Further questions can be answered by SSQ and Beneva. Representatives from each company can be reached at the following telephone numbers:

Customer Service (SSQ): 1 888 651 8181
Medical Inquiries (SSQ): 1 888 400 0023
Customer Service (La Capitale): 1 800 463 4856
Dental Inquiries (Beneva): 1 800 463 4856

Booklets which describe coverage details and other policies are available online at SSQ Financial Group‘s and Beneva’s website. For health insurance information, plan members can follow the prompts on SSQ’s Member Access Page to sign in and view their plan details and individual health insurance information.

Last Modified: March 6, 2023