Teaching Positions


Minimum Hiring Criteria

The minimum hiring criteria for all disciplines are available for consultation HERE. Please note that the minimum hiring criteria listed here are an integral part of all faculty postings. Candidates who do not satisfy the criteria will not be considered for teaching positions.

Double Employment

Applicants to Continuing Education postings or AEC postings will be required to complete a Declaration of Employment online questionnaire. Priority will be given to candidates who are not in a double employment situation.

Any person, who, on the date of his /her application, is covered by the following definitions, shall declare himself/herself to be in a situation equivalent to having double full-time employment in the section on “present job situation”.

A “professional activity” shall be taken to signify a remunerated activity performed:

  • for an employer; or
  • as a professional; or
  • in a business for oneself; or
  • as a self-employed worker; or
  • as a contractor; or
  • in some other capacity.

A professional activity is the “principal” one when it represents, for the person performing it, the most important of his/her professional activities at the time of application.

A person is considered to have a “full-time job” when by performing his/her professional activity, he/she:

  1. is doing paid work requiring an amount of working time corresponding to the number of hours per week or month worked by persons similar duties on a full-time basis, according to what is generally accepted in this line of work;
  2. has a full-time job and is on leave with pay;
  3. has a full-time job and is on availability with pay.

Applying to more than one position

The system allows you to apply to an unlimited number of postings. However, if the posting indicates that there are multiple sections, you need only apply one time. The College reserves the right to limit, for pedagogical reasons, the number of courses to which a candidate may eventually be assigned.

False Declarations

Any false declaration made as part of the application process for a position at Dawson College will result in dismissal.


I understand that the minimum hiring criteria listed above is an integral part of the teaching positions to which I may apply; I have read and understand the information concerning double employment; and, I understand the consequences of making false declarations.

Last Modified: April 23, 2024