Employment Status – Double Employment

A person whose job situation, at the date of application, meets the following definitions, must declare him/herself to be in a situation of double employment in the section on “employment status”.

A “professional activity” means a paid activity performed:

  • for an employer; or
  • as a professional; or
  • in a business for oneself; or
  • as a self-employed worker; or
  • as a contractor; or
  • in some other capacity.

A professional activity is the “principal” one when it represents, for the person performing it, the most important of his/her professional activities at the time application.

A person is considered to have a “full-time job” when by performing his/her principal professional activity, he/she:

  1. is doing paid work requiring an amount of working time corresponding to the number of hours per week or month worked by persons performing similar duties on a full-time basis, according to what is generally accepted in this line of work;
  2. has a full-time job and is on leave with pay;
  3. has a full-time job and is on availability with pay.

Any false declaration pertaining to information used in establishing your employment status may lead to your dismissal.

Last Modified: July 11, 2016