Pedagogical Days

Dawson College hosts Ped Days, providing the opportunity to learn from others and share teaching expertise. The events feature a rich variety of workshops, presentations and panel discussions on teaching and learning, built around Dawson community interests and suggestions.

Ped Day 2023

October 13, 2023

Erin Barker

Transition and Resilience building in emerging adulthood

Erin Barker, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Concordia University


Who are your students? Across the transition to adulthood, there is notable growth in psychosocial strengths and resources that buffer stress and promote emotional well-being. Dr. Barker will review recent and CEGEP pertinent theory and research on how resilience is built across emerging adulthood.

Ped Day 2022

October 15, 2021

Saul Carliner


Teaching in Turbulent Times (and We’re Not Just Talking about COVID-19)”

Even without considering COVID, experts predicted disruption in higher education over the next decade or so resulting from a combination of trends in demographics, technology, and society. When COVID hit, it unearthed some additional considerations. This session first explores these disruptions, then suggests ten specific ways these disruptions might affect the day-to-day work of Cégep instructors, including the impacts on the student body and their expectations, the nature of courses being taught, and the nature of teaching.


Ped Day 2021

October 14, 2022

Roger Azevedo

Self-Regulated Learning with Learning Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities

Roger Azevedo, Ph.D.
University of Central Florida
School of Modeling Simulation and Training


Self-regulated learning is an essential predictor of students’ learning, problem-solving, and reasoning. Cognitive, affective, metacognitive, and motivational processes play a crucial role in students’ ability to monitor and regulate their learning when using advanced learning technologies (ALTs; serious games, intelligent tutoring systems, simulations, immersive virtual learning environments). Using multimodal data analytics, teachers may provide intelligent, adaptive scaffolding and feedback to learning and to enhance instructional decision-making. This talk focuses primarily on: (1) providing a brief synthesis of the state-of-the-art field of multimodal data analytics (MLA); (2) presenting the challenges currently impacting the field of MLA; (3) discussing opportunities for future research using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and (4) discussing implications for using MLA for researchers, learners, and educators to induce and foster self-regulated learning.


Ped Days 2020

October 13-16, 2020

Usha James

Seizing opportunities and meeting the challenges of assessment in online, blended and physically distanced environment” Tuesday October 13 1pm – 2:30pm Slides

Michelle Miller

Assessing for Learning: How Testing and Practice Help Students Become Expert Thinkers” Friday October 16 11am-12:30pm


Ped Days 2019-20

January 13 and January 14 2020

Usha James


Usha James is Executive Director at The Critical Thinking Consortium where she also contributes as a resource writer, speaker and facilitator. She has seen how an understanding of critical thinking can deepen teacher understanding and practice of assessment, instruction, curriculum design, literacy, numeracy and differentiation.

Usha has worked as a secondary teacher, and as an instructor in the Initial Teacher Education Program and Director of the Secondary Program at OISE at the University of Toronto.

Slides to Dr James’ Keynote

Slides to workshop “Blended teaching”

Slides to workshop “Strategies to Engage Students”

Slides to workshop “Active Learning À la Carte in a low tech environment”

Ped Day 2018

Friday, October 12

George Elliot Clarke

Teaching with passion and performance

A prolific artist in poetry, song, drama, fiction, screenplay, and essays, George Elliott Clarke is also a pioneering scholar of African-Canadian literature. Dr. Clarke, a professor of English at the University of Toronto, has held the prestigious role of Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate.

Dr. Clarke is racialized “Black”, and identifies as a proud Afro-Métis Africadian, reflected in his writing on social justice and Canadian identity.

Ped Day 2016

Allan Sears (University of New Brunswick) was the keynote speaker in 2016.

Ped Day 2014

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang (University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education) was the keynote in 2014.

Ped Day 2013

John Bohannon was the keynote speaker in 2013.

Ped Day 2012

Karen Ridd was the Ped Day 2012 keynote speaker. Available here is a video of her talk.

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