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PERFORMA (Perfectionnement et Formation des Maîtres au Collégial) is a department of the Faculty of Education at the University of Sherbrooke. It offers graduate level certificates, diplomas and degrees in college-level teaching for current CEGEP teachers. PERFORMA programs include both French and English streams.

In the English stream, college teachers in Quebec can enroll in the Master Teacher Program to work towards:

  1. Graduate Certificate in College Teaching (G.C.C.T.) – 15 credits
  2. Graduate Diploma in College Teaching (G.D.C.T.) – 30 credits
  3. Master of Education in College Teaching (M.Ed.) – 45 credits

Access the English version of PERFORMA (University of Sherbrooke) site where you can view the most recently published course schedule and non-credit activities, please click here.

Visitez le site public version française de PERFORMA (Université de Sherbrooke) pour toutes informations concernant les programmes PERFORMA offertes en français. Pour connaitre le plus récente programmation des activités de perfectionnement offerte, veuillez contacter votre Répondant Locale. Veuillez prendre note qu’il y a des dates limites pour s’inscrire. En complément de sa programmation créditée, Performa offre des activités de formation non-créditée. Visitez Formations non créditées pour en apprendre plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

University of Sherbrooke fees: $100.00 one-time admission fee, $107.85 (to be verified) tuition fee per credit, and a $38.85 administrative fee per academic year.
You may be eligible to recoup the above costs through the professional development fund.

That depends almost entirely on you and the course-load you assume.
The maximum period allowed by the University of Sherbrooke to complete the fifteen (15) credits of the research component (M.ed) is fourteen (14) semesters. Sample pathways

For classes on Teams / Microsoft Teams and for participants from the outlying areas for ALL classes, you will need:

  • a computer with high-speed Internet access
  • a Webcam
  • headset and microphone (if not built-in to your computer).

Test your equipment using Teams / Microsoft Teams and Moodle.  As a student of U de S, you will have support for your course technical requirements.

We encourage you to meet with your Department Chair or staff supervisor to request a schedule with Friday afternoon open to take a course. Your request must be submitted to the college 60 days prior to the start of the following semester (verify in your collective agreement)

Once you are admitted to the University of Sherbrooke in the PERFORMA program, you have the right to take courses continuously in the program even if you are no longer employed at a Cegep in Quebec.

Contact the Human Resources Department for a complete explanation as certain conditions apply.

Please refer to the official course course documents to plan your courses, and speak to your college RL

Last Modified: March 12, 2024