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Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022

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Meet the 2022 cohort of Teaching Excellence recipients

Dónal Gill (Political Science), Angela Rose Lapierre (Biology), Jaya Nilakantan (Computer Science), Gregory Polakoff (Humanities) and Emilie Richer (Mathematics) were honoured on Oct. 14 when they each received a Teaching Excellence Award from Dawson’s Director General Diane Gauvin.

Click Read More for the homepage news story.

Read More - Meet the 2022 cohort of Teaching Excellence recipients

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Brand new Social Science Program launching in 2023

More than 150 people at Dawson as well as external stakeholders contributed over a three-year process to develop the brand new Social Science Program, which was approved by Dawson’s Board of Governors on Oct. 12 and will be implemented in the Fall of 2023.

Special thanks to: Worku Aberra (Program Revision Committee & Program Revision Writing Committee), Chris Bourne (Program Revision Committee), Selma Hamdani (Program Revision Committee), Cornelia Howell (Program Revision Committee & Program Revision Writing Committee), Cynthia J. Martin (Program Revision Committee & Program Revision Writing Committee), Marianne Pelton (Program Revision Committee) and Lisa Steffen (Program Revision Committee & Program Revision Writing Committee); the Office of Academic Development: Madeleine Bazerghi, Catherine LeBel and Monica Lopez; and Dean Isabelle Carrier.

To see a new promotional video: go to the updated Social Science Program page: 

To learn about the new program: click Read More for the homepage news story.

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Bill 96 FAQ is now live

Dawson now has an FAQ page dedicated to Bill 96 questions. It is part of the Admissions FAQ page.

The Bill 96 situation is in development and the FAQ will be updated as more information becomes available.

Faculty Hub

Over at the Faculty Hub

Essentials of Competency-based Programs – the Moodle option

As outlined in a recent memo, the Academic Dean has identified the need for our community to work toward a shared understanding of and common language for discussing competencies and competency-based programs at Dawson. Essentials of Competency-based Programs – the Moodle Option, has been developed for Dawson teachers in response to this need.

This option is an asynchronous, self-paced “course”, designed to facilitate a shared understanding of competency-based programs and competency development within our community. It is for:

  • faculty new to teaching
  • faculty with experience but new to the CEGEP network
  • seasoned college teachers with experience in the CEGEP network

Faculty that complete the activities in this module will be better able to:

  1. Explain the differences between content-based and competency-based programs to new students or new faculty
  2. Interpret competencies (formulated as objectives and standards) that you are entrusted to help students develop in your courses;
  3. Discuss delivering courses in a competency-based program with other faculty members of your program using a common vocabulary and a program approach.

Enroll today and complete this module at your own pace!

For background information on this initiative, consult the September memo from the Academic Dean titled “Toward a collective approach to competency-based teaching and learning”.


New Manager of Scheduling and Registration

Sean Frenette succeeds Orphée Pierre as the new Manager of Scheduling and Registration in the Registrar’s Office.

While this is a new role for Sean, he has worked at Dawson since 2000 and is well known and appreciated by his colleagues.

“We are so excited to welcome Sean in this new role,” said Julie Brosseau, Associate Dean of Academic Systems. “He has been a reliable member of our team for more than 18 years. It was important for us to promote from within our team. We see great potential in Sean and we are gaining all his years of experience and knowledge.”

In addition to his long service at Dawson, Sean is one of our graduates - Class of 1999, Creative Arts. Sean began his new job on Oct. 17.

Survey on Strategic Plan open until Oct. 30

The Strategic Plan Working Group (2023-2028) has generated three potential orientations for the new Strategic Plan, based on community consultations in the Winter 2022 semester and the beginning of the Fall 2022 semester. These orientations reflect Dawson’s long-standing commitment to academic achievement. They also address rapid, indeed disruptive changes in the social, economic and environmental contexts in which our mission is embedded. Bill 96 and its many unknowns; the lingering physical and mental health impacts of the COVID pandemic; the increasing urgency of the global climate crisis; the realities of war, civil instability and economic recession; all these factors added a particular gravity to discussions of how we might best support student wellbeing and success at Dawson.

The Working Group also reviewed the values that were included in the 2016-2022 Strategic Plan and has revised them. These values are forward-looking and will guide our actions as we implement the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan.

The Working Group would like to hear from the Dawson community through this survey about the three orientations it has developed for the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan as well as the revised set of values. The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete, and your answers will be anonymous.

The survey is now available on Omnivox  and will run until Oct. 30 (end of day).

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In memoriam: Cin | Comm graduate and Mi’gmaq filmmaker Jeff Barnaby

Acclaimed Mi’gmaq filmmaker and Dawson Cinema| Communications graduate Jeff Barnaby died Oct. 13, 2022 at the age of 46, after a year-long battle with cancer.

To read a Dawson tribute prepared by Cheryl Simon, click read more.

Read More - In memoriam: Cin | Comm graduate and Mi’gmaq filmmaker Jeff Barnaby

Campus Life, Well-being for all

Dawson Students cutting hair on Oct. 20 in solidarity with Iranian protesters

In response to the major human rights violations by the Islamic Republic of Iran, an informal collective of Dawson College students of Iranian background is mobilizing to show solidarity. The Dawson community is invited to join them on Thursday, Oct. 20 at 12 p.m. in the Lower Atrium. There will be various ways to show support, including petition signing and cutting a lock of one’s hair. Cutting hair has been used as a symbolic act of the Iranian protesters.

The goal of this event is to raise awareness about violations against human rights in Iran. “We hope to send a clear message to the Canadian federal government that students throughout Canada care about this issue and that we expect the government to address it,” said Kiana Lalavi of the organizing committee.

Protests in Iran started over a month ago. According to contacts on the ground, the Islamic Republic has cut Iran’s internet to stop news of brutal crackdowns and violence from reaching the rest of the world. During this time, they have locked down Sharif University and abused students inside. They have arrested, tortured, and murdered students as young as seven years old. Very recently, they have set a massive fire in Evin Prison, which holds hundreds of journalists, scientists, and innocent protestors.

Faculty Hub, Professional Development, Workshops

Oct. 21 workshop on Active Learning in STEM classrooms

Please join us for a workshop that will explore the nuances of Active Learning with a particular focus on STEM classrooms. While aggregate data has shown that Active Learning is beneficial for increasing student engagement, this approach has overlooked individual student experiences and has obscured barriers to inclusion. Participants will discuss opportunities and challenges of Active Learning and explore anti-oppressive approaches to teaching and learning in an Active Learning classroom. While there is a STEM focus, anyone interested in active learning irrespective of discipline is welcome to join and bring their thoughts & questions to the session.

Maurice Riley-Case (they/them) is an Instructional Designer with Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning, focusing on Inclusive Pedagogies. Maurice spent 12 years as an educator, and three years as the Instructional Coordinator for Black Student Flourishing at the Peel District School Board (PDSB) in Ontario. Riley-Case completed their Master of Education at York University where their research considered abolition and reform, and how Blackness is taken up in the education system.

Oct. 21: 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. in 3F.43: Anti-Oppressive Approaches for the Active Learning Classroom, with Maurice Riley-Case (Coffee & Snacks will be provided).

To register, contact Diana Rice: 

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First in-person Ped Day since pandemic

Dawson College held its first in-person Ped Day on Oct. 14. More than 120 teachers, managers and professionals attended.

Human Resources Director Pascahl Scott opened the event saying “we can be proud of the way we have adapted to our current reality.” The goal of the day, she said, was to equip Dawson teachers with practical strategies.

Special thanks were given to organizers Angela Silvaroli and Jennifer Di Lalla of Human Resources and Anne Piggott of the Office of Academic Development as well as their colleagues.

Photo: Keynote speaker Roger Azevedo of the University of Central Florida addresses Dawson teachers on Oct. 14.

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Video Game Design Faculty win industry awards

Continuing Education and Community Services (CECS) is proud to announce that AEC Independent Video Game Design Faculty member, Kitty Crawford, and her studio, Ululab, have been nominated for the Social Impact Initiative, Peoples Choice, Media and Emerging Talent Awards at this year’s MEGAMIGS Conference. Ululab has also been previously nominated for Games for Change and won a Serious Play and Youth Media Alliance award this year.

Additionally, faculty member Salim Larochelle and his studio, Flying Carpets Games, will also be showcasing their survival horror game, Hiboka. The MEGAMIGS conference brings together independent and international video game developers, creators, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs in related fields established in Quebec.

Congratulations Kitty and Salim! 

Read More - Video Game Design Faculty win industry awards


Phil Lagace’s travel blog from India

Phil Lagace has sent his first travel blog from India, including some colourful photos.

Click Read More to go to his blog.

Read More - Phil Lagace’s travel blog from India

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Bradley Heaven conquers marathon with “no limits” mindset

Bradley Heaven (Class of 2020, Social Science) and his partner Danny O’Connor are sharing their inspiring “No Limits” message with the world. Bradley and Danny created their organization All Access Life to do this. Despite being born without the ability to speak, control his muscles, feed himself, or do most routine daily activities autonomously, Brad’s positivity and “No Limits” mindset allow him to live his life to the fullest. Brad never fails to constantly amaze and inspire everyone around him. Danny has been by his side as his aide since 2010 and is his partner in All Access Life.

“Dawson played a vital role in helping mold Brad's No Limit mindset,” Danny said. They would like to share their latest project with the Dawson community. They trained for a year to run the Montreal Marathon and their goal is to raise enough funds to continue working on All Access Life and create content that empowers people with disabilities all over the world.

Click Read More to find out how you can help.

Read More - Bradley Heaven conquers marathon with “no limits” mindset

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Atwater Community Pantry is turning 1!

Come celebrate one year of community building and mutual aid with the Atwater Pantry Project on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 4 p.m., right in front of the pantry (2111 Atwater).

Enjoy a free meal courtesy of the People’s Potato but feel free to bring food to share as well if you’d like. Finally, PLEASE bring your own re-usable containers and cutlery as there will be a limited amount to distribute.

Bringing some non-perishable donations for the pantry would be super appreciated as well. It would be nice to kick off the pantry’s second year with it full!

Click Read More to visit their Facebook event.

Read More - Atwater Community Pantry is turning 1!

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Students identified 19 mushrooms on campus

Foragers and those who enjoy gourmet food know that it is mushroom season in Quebec.

Dawson students are also hunting for mushrooms as part of a project to identify as many kinds of life on campus as possible.

The Sustainability Office created a new nurse tree garden, a biodiversity zone in the P1 parking lot area. They used tree trunks and branches from the property to create this habitat and also injected spores into some large stumps around the campus.

The Sustainabili-Team volunteers have now identified 19 species of mushroom, including chicken of the woods (pictured).

Dawson’s mushroom inventory is part of a larger biodiversity project on campus that will be announced in the new year.

Faculty Hub

CCDMD’s call for educational resource projects

The Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique (CCDMD) is launching its 2023 Call for Projects. Anyone wishing to submit a project for the production, adaptation or translation of an educational resource may do so as part of this initiative by Friday, March 3, 2023.

Click Read More for the details.

Read More - CCDMD’s call for educational resource projects

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Blues supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For a second year, the Athletics Department is participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The campaign runs from Oct. 7 to Nov. 7.

The Women’s Hockey Team will be playing in their Pink Uniforms on Oct. 22. To contribute, click read more.

Read More - Blues supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month


DawsonITE Newsletter # 568

DawsonITE is your curated news related to IT and Education prepared by Dawson's Rafael Scapin. In this issue:

  • Google's AI editing tricks are making Photoshop irrelevant for most people
  • How Web3 is Reshaping Education in the Metaverse
  • Remove your personal info from the top 7 people search sites without charge

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