2P.14 Low-tech AL Classroom

2P.14 is the fifth of Dawson’s 2nd generation low-tech Active Learning Classroom and it is located in the Pepsi Forum.

2P.14 panorama

It was built in 2018 and was designed to be a low tech learning environment with flexible table arrangements. It features large whiteboards around the perimeter of the room for use by students.

Design Layout

  • 21 rectangular tables that can be setup in multiple arrangements;
  • 49 chairs (on casters) for a total room capacity of up to 49 students;
  • 6 large wall-mounted whiteboards;
  • Colour coding for each writable-glass & whiteboard space identified by coloured wall segments above each board;

Technology, Lighting & Sound

  • A single teacher-dedicated SMART Board with a dedicated projector and pull-down screen that assures that the teacher board is visible to all students;
  • Lighting??
  • A sound system with speakers in the ceiling that can broadcast sound from the teacher SMART Board.
    For details on how to use the sound system click here.

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Last Modified: March 7, 2019