3F.45 – Low-tech classroom

3F45 picture 13F.45 is the first of Dawson’s 1st generation low-tech Active Learning Classroom. It was built in 2014 and was designed as a complement to Dawson’s 2nd generation high-tech AL classrooms (3F.37 & 3F.38) in that it features similar student tables but has writable-glass and whiteboards around the perimeter of the room for use by students. 

Design Layout (for more about the design features of this room click here)

  • 6 student oval-like tables with 6 chairs (on casters) per table for a total room capacity of up to 36 students;
  • A single teacher-dedicated SMART Board and 6 wall-mounted writable spaces for students that are comprised of a magnetic whiteboard and a section of writable-glass;
  • A set of small portable whiteboards for individual/small-group use;
  • A horse-shoe-like arrangement of tables with an open area in the centre;
  • Colour coding for each writable-glass & whiteboard space identified by coloured wall segments above each board;
  • Flexible lighting that includes dual-intensity direct lighting over each student table as well as general room lighting and lighting of the central area – all on separate switches;
  • A sound system with speakers in the ceiling that can broadcast sound from the teacher SMART Board. For details on how to use the sound system click here.
  • A small teacher podium on casters that holds the teacher’s wireless keyboard and mouse and has room for books and notes.



3F45 layout



3F.45 picutre 2 3F.45 picture 4 3F.45 picture 3

Last Modified: March 9, 2019