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English Conversation


The English language is now the most common language of communication in the business world. For companies to adapt to the new global reality, it is increasingly important that their employees have the English skills to relate to clients, suppliers, and potential partners. Our various levels of English conversation courses are an opportunity for those who wish to improve their communication skills across all workplace situations. Acquired skills will be immediately applicable regardless of what industry they are in.


Upon completion of the course, students will be more confident in their interactions with English-speaking peers, and more capable at recognizing and comprehending new words and phrases.


Our English Second Language courses are offered in relatively small classes to allow for active participation by all students. Courses are offered in six (6) different levels, from level 1 to 6. In levels 1 to 3, the conversational approach is used to emphasize listening comprehension and oral expression. In levels 4 to 6, students expand on their skill set and are exposed to grammar rules and writing skills exercises.


While the focus of our courses is on improving conversation skills, we use a variety of teaching methods to accomplish that goal. Through listening exercises, reading short texts, and pronunciation exercises, the student will become immersed in the English language, so as to feel confident in using it and understanding it in the workplace.

English Conversation

Last Modified: March 17, 2016