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French Conversation


We at Dawson College recognize the importance of the French language within the corporate landscape of Quebec. In order to do business here, a certain level of comfort in the mother tongue is an absolute necessity. Our courses offer the opportunity for all levels of students to improve their current level of French, whatever that level may be. Our courses can help introduce the language to your employees, or serve as an environment for students to perfect their mastery of French. We work hard to ensure that each course is tailored to the unique needs of the participants, and in doing so we provide the optimal situation for improvement.


Depending on the level, our students will leave this course confident in their language skills, particularly in oral comprehension and expression. Course content includes grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation at varying levels. We work on solidifying basic skills such the verbs “to be” and “to have”, all the way up to the subjunctive and future tenses, and everything in between.


  • Basic vocabulary (alphabet, numbers, etc.)
  • Relevant vocabulary to the line of work (verbs for selling, buying, etc.)
  • Articles and prepositions (un, des, par, du, etc.)
  • Introducing oneself and others (name, nationality, occupation, etc.)
  • Regular and irregular verbs (avoir, finir, etc.)


While the focus of our courses is on improving conversation skills, we use a variety of teaching methods to accomplish that goal. Through listening exercises, reading short texts, and pronunciation exercises, the student will become immersed in the French language, so as to feel confident in using it and understanding it in the workplace.

French Conversation


Last Modified: March 17, 2016