DrJes 16-17

Fall 2016 - Winter 2017

The Dawson Research Journal of Experimental Science (DrJes) is a publication that seeks to disseminate student research in print form. It provides students with an early introduction to the scientific method and to the business of science. Articles are based on developing a hypothesis, conducting experiments to test the hypothesis and formulating a conclusion. The articles are published after undergoing evaluation by referees who are experts in the field. Volume 1 of DrJes was issued in 1999 and at that time was the first journal of its kind in North America. It was cited in a book by Robert L, Wolke, What Einstein Told his Cook, aa “a most impressive journal that publishes papers of original, professional-quality research by undergraduate students at Dawson College, in Montreal Quebec.” Former editors-in-chief have gone on to found similar journals at McGill University and Cornell University.

Project Update

Students put together the latest edition of DrJes.  Some benefits to students:

• it provides the students on the Editorial Board with the experience of peer review and putting together a journal
• The editors improve their own written communication skills by editing the work of the authors
• it provides samples of what the DrJes Editorial Board considers exemplary work
• it encourages students to do excellent work and to perfect their presentation of such work
• it provides a source of ideas for follow-up work
• it provides a competitive advantage for admission to university programs for those students who have had
their work published
• it adds prestige to the College

Last Modified: November 3, 2017