Sandrine Carle-Landry is the 2017 regional winner of the Quebec Osentreprendre Challenge

Liberal Arts student Sandrine Carle-Landry has been announced as the winner of the regional OSEntreprendre Challenge in the individual and small team category. Her submission and entrepreneurial project was recognized over submissions from all Cégeps on the island of Montreal.

Her friend Corinne Pelletier who was one of the subjects in a series of videos produced for Sandrine’s project, Refus global now and, Kim Simard who coordinates the Women Studies Certificate were in attendance to cheer her on. Sandrine eloquently presented her project to the crowd at City Hall when she collected her $800 prize.

Sandrine’s entrepreneurial project is an independent media and a pro-inter-sectional production box. Through the use of social media, the goal of Refus global now is to create media content that promotes the convergence of various social struggles and highlights causes usually ignored by traditional media. One of her videos, Parlons poils: LA PILOSITÉ FÉMININE was viewed over 345,000 times in a very short period of time. It can be viewed here: link.

The OSEntreprenedre Challenge recognizes students who demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit by acting on an idea and bringing it to life. Student-initiated projects were evaluated on impact, scope, originality and innovation as well as the student’s capacity to mobilize resources and take the project from start to finish.

Sandrine will now compete at the national level with other regional finalists. Wish her luck on June 14th when the National winners will be announced in Québec City and, let’s get those views up to a million.

Last Modified: May 4, 2017