Replay: 3D Animation and CGI, 10 Years in the Making

October 11th - 31st, 2018

An interactive gallery presentation to showcase the career possibilities and competencies of students enrolled in the Dawson College 3D Animation and CGI program. It will take place in the Dawson College Art Gallery and will be open to visitors during the period of the Dawson Open House (October 11) and for a period of 3 weeks, until the 31st.

Students in the program will take part in setup, organization, and being present to showcase the work as well as assist and provide information to visitors, such as assisting with Virtual Reality. Students will also be part of the 10th Anniversary promotional video.

Replay: 3D Animation and CGI, 10 years in the Making

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Project Update

Dawson College 3D Animation and CGI program is one of the newest and most successful programs within the school. 7 highly successful and skilled graduates were selected to be featured in a gallery show retrospective which featured a wide array of media. 10 Years of student art work was also featured. They were presented as mounted prints of digital art, TV and small screen displays of videos and slide shows, 3D prints of character models, a small screening room of a selection of graduate short films, and printed professional art work from the highlighted graduates. A brochure was also produced. During the opening night of the gallery show, there was a live demo of motion capture in the gallery space and within our new motion capture studio space. There was also a VR workstation allowing the public to experience some of the exciting cutting edge technology the school is employing.

Last Modified: November 27, 2018