Springboard to a DCS (D.E.C.)

SPRINGBOARD TO A DCS (DEC) 08106 (08125,08128)

The Springboard to a DCS (DEC) program is designed for students who want to take CEGEP credit courses in order to

  • explore CEGEP studies;
  • complete prerequisites required for admission to a CEGEP program;
  • upgrade their academic record to improve chances of admission or readmission to a CEGEP program;
  • upgrade language skills; or
  • complete a CEGEP program (please take note that for Dawson DEC students, once they have  completed all their courses, they will need to reapply to their original program in order to graduate).


To be admissible to the Springboard to a DCS (DEC) program, students must have the Quebec Diploma of Secondary studies (D.E.S.) or equivalent.


Students may register in the Springboard to a DCS (DEC) program for a maximum of three (3) consecutive semesters.  Students registered in the Springboard to a DCS (DEC) program can be either part-time or full-time.

Note: Full-time status cannot be guaranteed.

Continuing Education offers a wide variety of courses in the following areas:

Business Administration Sciences Computer
Social Sciences
English Accounting Principles French Fine Arts
Humanities Network Administration & Support Mathematics Commercial Photography



Please note:
A complete Continuing Education Application, application fee, educational transcripts (for secondary studies completed outside of Quebec), and proof of legal status in Canada is required in order to obtain an appointment to register.  See application instructions for more information.

All students enrolled in Continuing Education on a part-time basis are charged course fees.

For more information, please call or drop by the Continuing Education Office at:

4001 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Montreal
Room 2H.1
Telephone: (514) 933-3771

Last Modified: November 13, 2018