Pride and Prejudice

Playwright: Helen Jerome, adapted from the novel by Jane Austen
Director: Barbara Kelly
Students: Second Major

A witty and charming theatrical version of one of the most-loved romantic books of all time. When Jane Austen wrote her novel Pride and Prejudice over 200 years ago, could she have imagined that the complicated love story between Elizabeth and Darcy would continue to resonate today? This critique of class and character reveals how self-importance and social rank, as well as the prejudices we hold towards one another, prevent us from listening to our inner truth. Elizabeth defies her over-bearing mother, and refuses to marry without love, but she fails to recognize her own innermost stirrings. While Elizabeth spars with the alluring Darcy, her mother is determined to secure marriage for her daughters at any cost, sister Jane must deal with rejection, the younger girls chase soldiers in town and her father experiences profound exasperation. These family dynamics add to the rich layering of the plot, creating a colourful backdrop of manners and mores in early 19th Century England.

Times – ADDED SHOW WED JAN 31st!

  • Previews at 7:30 pm Monday and Tuesday January 22nd and 23rd
  • Opening at 8pm Wednesday January 24th
  • Playing at 8pm January 24th to 27th and January 31st February 3rd
  • Matinées at 12:30pm on Wednesday January 24th, Friday January 26th and Thursday, February 1st


    Theo Alexander: Mr. Bennet

    Lion Arar: Mr. Bingley

    Chloe Bilodeau: Elizabeth Bennet

    Nico Blinn: Mr. Collins/Hill

    Marco Carreiro: Mr. Bingley

    Joey Crête: Mr. Darcy

    Maria-Rachelle D’Amour: Mary Bennet/Mrs. Gardiner

    Christopher de Varennes: Colonel Fitzwilliam

    Maria Digout: Lady Catherine De Bourgh

    Melodie Irving: Ms. Bingley

    Jeffrey James: Mr. Bennet

    Hana Kashaf: Lydia Bennet

    Sarah Lotfi: Elizabeth Bennet

    Castelina Massuda: Jane Bennet

    Bénédicte Mbaididje: Lady Lucas & Maggie

    Phoebe Major Mewse: Charlotte Lucas

    Andre Morris-Mowatt: Wickham

    Isabella Robert: Mrs. Bennet

    Ilie Stefanesa: Hill/Mr. Collins

    Mily Tchang-Leith: Mrs. Gardiner/Mary Bennet

    Jasmine Winter: Mrs. Bennet

  • Ian Zentner: Mr. Darcy

Last Modified: January 25, 2018