Adobe Illustrator -Beginner

Prerequisite: Introduction to the Macintosh or Windows or equivalent knowledge


Prerequisites: Introduction to the Macintosh or Windows or equivalent knowledge

Illustrator is the software of choice for creating illustrations, logos, packaging, single-page layouts, and web and interactive content. Adobe Illustrator – Beginner will provide detailed knowledge of basic Illustrator tools and develop design skills through demonstration, simple to follow tutorials, exercises and creative activities.

• Illustrator and the CC 2018 Suite
• The Illustrator Interface, panels and tools
• Output destinations. Preparing images for print, and web.
• Drawing basics
• Drawing simple lines and shapes
• Drawing flares
• Drawing with the Pencil tool
• Drawing with the Pen tool
• Editing paths
About color
• Selecting colors
• Using and creating swatches
• Managing swatches
• Working with color groups
• Adjusting colors
Using and creating swatches
• About swatches
• About swatch libraries
• Swatches panel overview
• Add colors from artwork to Swatches panel
• Share swatches between applications
• Create a process-color swatch
• Create spot-color swatches
• Swatch options
• Change the tint of a color
• Create gradient swatches
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About brushes
• Brushes panel overview
• Work with brush libraries
• Apply brush strokes
• Draw lines and apply brush strokes simultaneously
• Paintbrush tool options
• Remove brush strokes
• Convert brush strokes to outlines
• Create or modify brushes
• Brush options
Web graphics
• Best practices for creating web graphics
• Optimizing images
• Web graphics optimization options
Optimizing images
• Save For Web & Devices overview
• Optimize an image for the web
• Save or delete optimization presets
• Compress a web graphic to a specific file size
• Resize artwork while optimizing
Reshaping objects
• Transforming objects
• Scaling, shearing, and distorting objects
• Reshape using envelopes
• Combining objects
• Cutting and dividing objects
Blending objects
• About blended objects
• Create blends
• Blend options
• Change the spine of a blended object
• Reverse the stacking order in a blended object
• Release or expand a blended object
Gradients, meshes, and color blends
• About gradients and meshes
• Gradient panel overview
• Create or modify gradients
• Apply an existing gradient to an object
• Change gradient direction or apply across multiple objects
• About mesh objects
• Create mesh objects
• Edit mesh object

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Not offered this semester.

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Last Modified: February 8, 2023