EQ Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate

Prerequisites : Photoshop Beginner (or equivalent)

Platform: Macintosh or Windows
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Duration: 33 hours
Methodology: Lectures and demonstrations followed by hands-on practice in the computer lab.

The course delves into intermediate Photoshop techniques and concepts such as Image Adjustments, Image Filters, Smart Filters, Smart Objects, and how to combine these elements to enhance the development of visual materials.

Course Outline

  • Photoshop/Basics Review : Layers and Layer Effects, Masks, Shapes, Pen Tool, Type Tool, Colouring, Basic Image Editing
  • Image Adjustments:Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves, Vibrance, Hue/Saturation, Colour Balance, Black & White
  • PART II – Image Adjustments: Photo Filter, Invert, Posterize, Threshold, Gradient Map, Selective Colour, Shadows/Highlights
  • PART I – Filters:Blur, Distort, Noise, Pixelate
  • PART II – Filters: Render, Sharpen, Stylize, Liquify
  • Smart Objects:Introduction to Smart Objects, Create/Edit a Smart Object, Embedded x Linked
  • Creating a Smart Mock/Up set for Branding:Combine Techniques for Smart Mock Up Set, Business Card, Business Folder, Mug, Pen, CD, Vehicle
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Course Price: $150.00

Winter 2024

Evening Sessions

Feb 01 - Apr 04Thu

Thursday, Feb 01 - Thursday, Apr 04

DayTimeRoom Number
Thursday18:00 - 21:00Zoom - Online
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Additional Information

Teacher: Bruno Campos
Course Number: 9922091
Registration Start Date: Tuesday, Aug 01, 2023
Maximum Class Size: 12
Total Hours: 30
Status: Registration in progress
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