EQ SQL (Microsoft Environment) – Beginner

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This course provides an introduction to Structure Query Language (SQL) and explores the concepts of designing and working with a relational database management system. We will cover the topics of designing a database, creating tables, setting primary and foreign keys as well as normalizing the database tables to 3rd normal form.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of computers and databases

Topics Covered in this Course:
• Overview of the relational database management systems (RDBMS)
• Introduction to SQL Language and Sublanguages (DDL, DML and DCL)
• Steps for Database design
• Primary Key
• Foreign Key
• Entity Relationship Diagram
• Normalization of Database Tables

Required Material:
Online courses require, Computer with Windows 10 or MacOS X or higher, microphone & headset, high speed internet connection.

Course Price: $54.00

Not offered this semester. Please let us know if you're interested in the course Consult the complete course offering at montezdeniveau.ca

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Last Modified: January 30, 2023