Speakers Corner

Acharya Fleet Maull

How do we turn the tide of violence in the world today? Drawing on his compelling life experience, Acharya Fleet Maull will discuss the role that unacknowledged traumas and internalized shame play in driving conflict. Join us as we explore how mindfulness-based approaches to education, medical care, and public policy can help us heal.

Holding your seat: A mindfulness exercise

David Smith

David Smith speaks about strategies for exploring work in the peacebuilding field.

Read his BIO here: https://davidjsmithconsulting.com/about-me/

Dr. Rachel Yehuda

Dr. Rachel Yehuda discusses her groundbreaking research in the field of epigenetics. Her studies of Holocaust and 9/11 survivors’ children have revealed biological risk factors for PTSD. Come and learn how this understanding could potentially change the way we respond to trauma.



Last Modified: November 28, 2018