Sustainability and Research

As of 2018, 31% of College staff doing research and 1.1 million dollars was related to sustainability projects. This is a significant accomplishment for a non-university setting.

Dawson faculty are innovating, changing policies and contributing to capacity building in the field with the following projects:

Department Study Title Start Date
Biology Do soil fungal communities facilitate invasion of temperate forests by the Norway Maple? 30/06/2015
English Intersecting College and Community Circles: A First Peoples Storytelling Exchange 01/04/2016
Environmental Studies Food Justice and Sustainability: Mobilizing new technologies to transform cities and build communities of change 01/04/2016
French Impact des applications de la CUA sur le français écrit en FLS 01/09/2014
Geography Sustainable Campuses: A North-South International Research and Action Community 01/07/2015
Humanities Les travailleurs et travailleuses pauvres : mutations, protections et résistances 27/04/2016
Learning Communities Gestion et régulation du flux d’information en apprentissage actif 09/05/2017
Physics Simulation des écoulements atmosphériques dans un parc éolien afin d’évaluer sa performance et maximiser son rendement à partir des équations de Navier-Stokes 30/06/2014
Physics Research Report on Three-bladed Rotor Design 01/05/2015
Psychology New Perspectives: Role of Stakeholder Groups in Ensuring Accessibility of ICTS to Postsecondary Students With Disabilities 15/03/2017
Psychology Employment of Postsecondary Graduates with Disabilities 2017-01-12

Last Modified: July 27, 2020