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Introduction to Sustainable Happiness (1-4 hrs)

This is an introductory course to the concept of Sustainable Happiness. It will consist of 1hr workshops consisting of short videos and reflective exercises. The total time commitment to participate in the sessions will be approximately 4 hours, 3 one-hour workshops and about 20 minutes of personal activity after each of our on-line sessions. The workshops will be delivered via ZOOM. You will get a reoccurring Zoom link to join the Sustainable Happiness group, please accept the invite to be able to access the group meetings and chats.

The purpose of these workshops is to introduce you to the concept of Sustainable Happiness so that that you can learn about it without having to commit to taking a full Sustainable Happiness Certificate course at this time.

We will teach you small steps you can take to living a more sustainable lifestyle and how to use Nature as a mentor.

If you are faculty member or employee and would like a presentation for your class or department (1-3hrs) please add your name to the wait list and we will contact you.


Due to Covid dates are to be determined

Put your name on the wait list and we will contact you in regards to upcoming courses.

Last Modified: August 26, 2020