DawsonAI projects selected by PIA

Two projects that count DawsonAI as a partner have been selected by PIA to go forward. The organizaiton made the announcement Feb. 26.

Here are the two DawsonAI projects: 

How virtual assistants and applications powered by artificial intelligence can help promote student academic success. Comprising members from Dawson College, Concordia University and McGill University, the team will examine the AI functions of various devices and develop tools designed to help students with disabilities and their instructors use these tools effectively.

Competency framework in artificial intelligence: A success pipeline from college to university and beyond. This project by Dawson College and Concordia University seeks to develop a comprehensive competency framework in AI with a view to creating a pipeline of success across college, university and continuing education programs of study.

About PIA: A joint initiative of 12 Montréal colleges and 7 universities, the Montréal Centre for Higher Learning in Artificial Intelligence (PIA) seeks to provide a concerted response to the challenges posed by developments in artificial intelligence. PIA similarly aims to group together and grow a likeminded community of individuals interested in and committed to the challenges associated with artificial intelligence, and to equip them with the requisite tools.

Read PIA’s Feb. 26 news release announcing the projects here:


Last Modified: October 26, 2020