4H Rooftop Garden


The Green Rooftop was created to be energy-saving. There are 20 self-watering containers that are brought up every year that grow vegetables that are then harvested and sold to the Dawson community.  “Work needed to be done to renovate the 4H roof, so Dawson decided to move forward with a plan to make the 4H roof ‘green’ in a more permanent way. Getting water to the site is a problem, vegetation was therefore chosen that can withstand periods of drought and that is tough and meant to be virtually maintenance-free”.


    • Maintenance-free
    • Once a week, you will need to add water to the self-watering containers

Interesting Notes:

    • Dawson’s green rooftop was permanently installed with native plants in 2019
    • The 4H rooftop is also the home of our honey bee hives
    • Helps supplies our bi-weekly market
    • Every other week, our produce is donated to a local day shelter and wellness center
    • Sustainabili-team volunteers get to go home with produce
    • It is zero waste

Last Modified: May 30, 2022