Forest Floor


This area was created to mimic the forest floor of Mount Royal. Rocks, decomposing logs, ferns, and shade-loving plants were planted here. A layer of leaves is added every fall to mimic the process in the forests.


    • Weekly check for any garbage or damage 
    • Snip all Goutweed any time it is noticed and return weekly to snip if found (do not dig out)
    • Trim any plants that grow over pavement, or tree branches that interfere with people getting to their cars  
    • Cut “sucker shoots” from base of tree when warranted
    • Place leaves (3-4 inches thick) over the area in late October or November. Leaves can be taken from the Dawson grounds. Do not take only oak leaves as they are not as easy to decompose for invertebrates. This leaf-litter is very important to maintain this biodiversity area.

Interesting Notes:

This biodiversity zone has been partially cut several times by contractors that thought it had to be “cleaned”. Despite this challenge, the area has survived fairly well. The basswood tree above this area and several small trees provide shade. Cutting the trees for safety reasons (facilities) has been an issue as it then lets in far more sunlight.

Last Modified: May 30, 2022