Plant Succession – Biodiversity Study Area


This area was created to demonstrate what happens to the plant life and associated invertebrates when the lawn at Dawson is left undisturbed from cutting. Since 2014, a small 3-4 meter area has been extended along the building with a cease in landscape cutting to the region, thus we now have several years of undisturbed activity to show in this zone. Many tree seeds have been blown in by the wind or dispersed by birds and the last area is quickly being taken over by trees.


    • Snip all Goutweed any time it is noticed and return weekly to snip if found (do not dig out) 
    • Weekly check for any garbage or damage
    • Non-Native shrub species growing beside air exchanger are sending shoots into the biodiversity area; they must be trimmed yearly as they will dominate the area if left unchecked
    • Barriers and signs checked weekly for damage

Interesting Notes:

This area is being used by biology teachers and will soon have a path built so students and staff can have easy access.

Last Modified: May 30, 2022