Eweek Bio

Jean Christoph Btaiche

Founder & CEO,

At the age of 15, JC started learning about business, entrepreneurship, and everything in between.

As a result, his ambitions were getting bigger and bigger everyday. He fought his way in and was immensely excited to get started at such a young age. His journey has been filled by roadblocks rising one after the other just by being a teenager. He strongly believes that learning (the skills and the way) is one of the most crucial factors for an entrepreneur’s success.

He is a student at Marianopolis College , fluent in Arabic English French and understands the basics of the Russian language.

JC took 1st place at Startupfest’s 2017 hackerfest (Hackathon) and is currently the founder & CEO of YoungLeaders.

Last Modified: October 4, 2017