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Program not offered for Fall 2022 Admissions.

Program Coordinator of Developmental Science
Sameer Bhatnagar
Office: 7A.16
Local: 4010

Developmental Science (081.64)

Developmental Science (DSP) is for students whose grades in advanced Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics do not meet entrance requirements for the Science Program. During the first semester of this one-year program you will take Secondary V-level science courses. In the second term, you will take the same Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics courses as first-semester students in the college-level Science Program.  

Among the benefits of this program are:

  • close teacher-student associations
  • attention to individual abilities and problems
  • integrated study of mathematics and science
  • improvement of study skills

Successful completion of the Developmental Science program may lead to admission to preuniversity science or medical/engineering technology programs. You must apply and meet the criteria for transfer into the program in which you wish to continue your studies.

Last Modified: January 19, 2022