Program Co-Coordinator of Environmental Science
Brian Mader
Office: 7B.10-1
Local: 4717
Program Co-Coordinator of Environmental Science
Tonia De Bellis
Office: 7B.10-1
Local: 4685

The only English-language cegep to offer Environmental Science

Do you care about the environment? Do you want to contribute to making a difference as a scientist in the health of our planet? Covering all the same science pre-requisites for university entrance as other Science profiles (Pure and Applied and Health) and with a focus on ecology, outdoor labs and stimulating field trips, Dawson’s Environmental Science Profile is your choice!

Highlighting the diversity and interconnectedness of living organisms and their importance in the ecosystem, Environmental Science is a two-year pre-university profile in the Science Program with an ecology tailored curriculum. Importantly, it provides students with a DEC in Science that qualifies them to apply to any university Science program.

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What is special about the Environmental Science profile?

Students in the profile spend their two-year program as part of a specific cohort (approximately 30-40 students), providing them with a sense of belonging and a support network – an aspect that appeals to many students attending a large college such as Dawson.

Students will take a compulsory 5 day intensive field trip to Arundel, QC and interested students have the exclusive opportunity to participate in an exciting exploration of tropical ecology in the context of a fully organized science-based 2-week field trip in Costa Rica during the January winter break.

To see our students on previous field trips, visit our photo gallery.

Last Modified: September 19, 2019