MONTREAL, OCTOBER 18, 2010 – Thanks to the financial support of the Green Apple School Program, an  initiative of Metro stores, and of the contribution of ECOCAMPUS, one of the four programs of Quebec Environment Foundation, the Dawson Peace Garden is well underway in readiness for its inauguration on September 13, 2011.

Located on the west grounds of Dawson’s 12-acre campus, the Peace Garden will cover an entire corner at Sherbrooke West and Wood streets, and will be integrated with the existing mature trees on Dawson’s property. It constitutes the first step of a three-year project that will add indigenous flowers, shrubs and trees to the actual flora. Many two-tonne rocks and wooden tables will complete the setting.

“Thanks to the $17,000 from the Green Apple School Program sponsored by Metro, we are doing more today than a mere symbolic launching”, said Richard Filion, Dawson College General Director. “We are actually planting 6,000 bulbs that will produce a spectacular effect early next spring.”

The close collaboration of Dawson students will allow a multidisciplinary team to take charge of the development and achievement of the Garden. “Students involved in the project will use the Action Research method developed for environment and citizenship initiatives,” said Claude Hill, vice president and general director of Quebec Environment Foundation. He was accompanied by Claude Poudrier, who perfected this successful process, which was the subject of a recent documentary, Hope Builders, a prizewinning production of National Film, Board.

“The Peace Garden is a commemorative project that is well suited for the  Green Apple School Program mission, not only because of its environmental component, but also because of its participative dimension that will call upon the energies, experiences and ideas of Dawson students,” said Marie-Claude Bacon, Director, Corporate Affairs for Metro.

The Green Apple School Program, an environmental initiative designed to encourage elementary and secondary schools in Quebec and Ontario to participate in conservation and healthy living, was launched by Metro in 2009. To date, $2 million has been awarded in grants to schools able to demonstrate how they plan to contribute to a healthier environment.

Metro has partnered with the Quebec Environment Foundation as the sponsor of the Green Apple School Program, which will donate $320,000 to QEF to drive four ecological programs in Quebec schools, of which the ECOCAMPUS program is one.

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