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Join us for SWAAC 2016 in Montreal. And be transformed.

Dawson College is proud to host the 2016 annual conference of the Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada under the theme TRANS[formation]. Dr. Samantha Nutt, award-winning humanitarian, bestselling author, medical doctor, and a founder of the renowned international humanitarian organizations War Child Canada and War Child USA, has been confirmed to deliver our Keynote Address.

Why TRANS[formation]? This conference will take a long view of the important societal changes in our midst. Trans as a prefix signifies a motion of going across or going beyond, something we do as educators every day of our professional lives. Formation has a few meanings, in French, it is the catch-all word for education and training, in English, formation is the act or process of forming or the state of being formed.

Education is transformative. Being a leader is transformative, both for the woman and the institution she leads, in whole or in part. Our learning environments are being transformed, by technology, by diversity, by identity, by global challenges that always seem to find their way to our campuses.

Join in the conversation. Come to Montreal this spring! The conference will open on Thursday evening, April 28, at the Museum, followed by the full day Friday schedule, April 29, at the Sheraton Centre Montreal starting with breakfast and ending with the Gala Awards Banquet. Saturday’s program on April 30 takes place at the magnificent campus of Dawson College, a designated heritage site.

The butterfly symbolizes our conference theme  of transformation, but it is also a real-life project that we are immensely proud of. Learn more about the Monarch Butterfly Tagging Project at Dawson, a community-wide initiative that has taken place over the past three years to help the monarch butterfly population regain its numbers. The header image is a composite of moments captured in late summer at the end of this year’s tagging-and-release phase.


SWAAC was founded in 1987 to provide a forum and a collective voice for women in senior administrative ranks in Canadian universities, colleges and technical institutes. The primary purpose of SWAAC is the promotion of female leadership in Canadian universities, colleges and technical institutes through:

  • Developing and enhancing leadership skills
  • Mentoring future leaders
  • Recognizing exceptional leaders
  • Networking and communicating

The organization hosts an annual conference in spring time that provides opportunities for attendees to connect and share experiences and ideas on pertinent topics in post-secondary education, in particular, matters related to the roles of senior women academic leaders.

Last Modified: February 19, 2016