CRLT Student for a Day

Prospective students have the opportunity to experience what it is like being a student in CRLT through the Community Recreation Leadership Training Student for a Day program. Participants attend CRLT classes, meet some of the faculty and students, tour the CRLT area and have all their questions answered. The Student for a Day activity for this program will take place in October, November, January and February. Because students are in fieldwork at in January & February there is less choice of days available. Student for a Day will only take place from Monday-Thursday. Visiting students are asked to wear active/casual clothing, plan to attend from 9am-2pm and bring a lunch/snacks.



We are planning to make some student for a day programming available for the Fall Semester – Dates and Format to be determined – Please come back in August for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a student for the day in the Community Recreation Leadership Training program, please fill out the following form. Contact Heather Martin or Sarah Cartier at for more information.

  • Please note that the time will be from 9am-2pm. You are asked to wear active casual clothing Please bring a lunch /snacks

Last Modified: June 25, 2020